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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCdrwnPersistentStorageBuffer< T >::_drwnRecordEntry
oCdrwnBitArrayImplements an efficient packed array of bits
oCdrwnClassificationResultsEncapsulates summary of classifier output from which various curves can be generated (e.g., precision-recall curves)
oCdrwnCloneableInterface for cloning object (i.e., virtual copy constructor)
oCdrwnCodeProfilerStatic class for providing profile information on functions
oCdrwnCompressionBufferUtility class for compressing data using the zlib library
oCdrwnConfigurableModuleInterface for a configurable module
oCdrwnConfigurationManagerConfiguration manager
oCdrwnConfusionMatrixUtility class for computing and printing confusion matrices
oCdrwnDataset< XType, YType, WType >Implements a cacheable dataset containing feature vectors, labels and optional weights
oCdrwnDisjointSetsImplements a forest of disjoint sets abstract data type
oCdrwnFactorOperationBase class for implementing various operations on table factors. The derived classes store mappings between factor entries making them very fast for iterative algorithms
oCdrwnFactory< U >Templated factory for creating or cloning objects for a particular base class
oCdrwnFactoryAutoRegister< U, T >Helper class for registering classes with a drwnFactory
oCdrwnFactoryTraits< T >Some classes may provide default factory registration (e.g., built-in classes such as drwnClassifier and drwnFeatureTransform)
oCdrwnFactoryTraits< drwnClassifier >Implements factory for classes derived from drwnClassifier with automatic registration of built-in classes
oCdrwnFactoryTraits< drwnFeatureTransform >Implements factory for classes derived from drwnFeatureTransform with automatic registration of built-in classes
oCdrwnFilterBankResponseHolds the results of running an image through a bank of filters and allows for computation of features over rectangular regions
oCdrwnGrabCutInstanceImplements the grabCut algorithm of Rother et al., SIGGRAPH 2004 for figure/ground segmentation
oCdrwnHistogram< TYPE >Implements a simple templated histogram class
oCdrwnHOGFeaturesEncapsulates histogram-of-gradient (HOG) feature computation
oCdrwnImageCacheCaches images in memory up to a maximum number of images or memory limit
oCdrwnImageInPainterPerforms exemplar-based image inpainting
oCdrwnImagePyramidCacheCaches image pyramids in main memory up to a maximum number of images or memory limit
oCdrwnIndexQueueProvides a queue datastructure on a fixed number of indexes. At most one copy of each index can appear in the queue (a second enqueue is ignored). Membership of the queue can be queried
oCdrwnInferenceInterface for various (marginal) inference algorithms
oCdrwnLBPFilterBankImplements filter bank for encoding local binary patterns
oCdrwnLoggerMessage and error logging. This class is not thread-safe in the interest of not having to flush the log on every message
oCdrwnLPSolverSolves equality constrained linear programs with positivity constraints via the log-barrier method
oCdrwnMAPInferenceInterface for various MAP inference (energy minimization) algorithms
oCdrwnMAPInferenceFactoryFactory for creating drwnMAPInference objects
oCdrwnMaskedPatchMatchImplements the basic PatchMatch algorithm of Barnes et al., SIGGRAPH 2009 on masked images
oCdrwnMaxFlowInterface for maxflow/min-cut algorithms (for minimizing submodular quadratic pseudo-Boolean functions)
oCdrwnMouseStateMouse state and mouse callback for populating the mouse state. Used by the drwnWaitMouse function
oCdrwnMultiSegRegionDefinitionsProvides a mechanism for mapping region IDs to colours and class names. Can be initialized from an XML configuration file or programmatically for a number of standard datasets
oCdrwnNNGraphClass for maintaining a nearest neighbour graph over superpixel images. Search moves are implemented by templated functions in the drwnNNGraphMoves namespace
oCdrwnNNGraphDefaultMetricImplements the scoring functions needed by the search moves. Required member functions are isMatchable(), isFinite() and score()
oCdrwnNNGraphEdgeEncapsulates an outgoing edge in a drwnNNGraph
oCdrwnNNGraphImageDataHolds image, segments and other housekeeping information for an image
oCdrwnNNGraphLearnerLearn the distance metric base class with full set of constraints (i.e., loss function over all targets and imposters)
oCdrwnNNGraphNodeAnnotation< T >Templated utility class for holding annotations for every node in a graph. See learning code for example use
oCdrwnNNGraphNodeAnnotation< drwnNNGraphLearnViolatedConstraints >
oCdrwnNNGraphNodeAnnotation< drwnTriplet >
oCdrwnObjectEncapsulates a 2D object in an image for object detection
oCdrwnOptimizerInterface for solving large-scale unconstrained optimization problems using L-BFGS
oCdrwnOrderedMap< KeyType, ValueType >Provides a datastructure for that can be indexed by a KeyType (usually a string) or unsigned integer, i.e., the index
oCdrwnPartsAssignmentClass for holding as assignment to part locations and occlusion variables
oCdrwnPartsInferenceHelper class for running inference in a (constellation) parts-based model. Supports linear and quadratic distance transforms for deformation costs. Computes argmax_{x,c,z} m_i(x_i, z_i) + d_i(x_i, c) + p(c) where m_i(x, 0) = matchingCost_i(x) + priorCost_i(x) m_i(x, 1) = occlusionCost + priorCost_i(x) d_i(x, c) = [dx, dy]^T fabs(x - o - c) + [dx2, dy2]^T (x - o - c).^2
oCdrwnPartsModelMixture< T >Mixture of parts models (T must have a parts model interface). Inference returns the best scoring model and its parts locations
oCdrwnPatchMatchEdgeRepresents an edge in the drwnPatchMatchGraph
oCdrwnPatchMatchGraphEach image maintains a W-by-H-by-K array of match records referencing the (approximate) best K matches to other images. Image filename rather than the images themselves are stored. Duplicate filenames (images) are not allowed
oCdrwnPatchMatchGraphLearnerLearns a PatchMatchGraph by iteratively performing search moves over the space of matches
oCdrwnPatchMatchGraphRepaintClass for repainting an image from matches within the PatchMatchGraph
oCdrwnPatchMatchImageRecordRecords matches for one level in an image pyramid
oCdrwnPatchMatchNodeRepresents a node in the drwnPatchMatchGraph
oCdrwnPersistentBlockPersistent storage block used internally by drwnPersistentStorage
oCdrwnPersistentRecordInterface class for drwnPersistentStorage
oCdrwnPersistentStorageProvides indexed storage for multiple records using two files (a binary data file and a text index file)
oCdrwnPersistentStorageBuffer< T >Provides buffered storage (delayed write-back) of objects with a drwnPersistentRecord interface
oCdrwnPixelSegCRFInferenceAlpha-expansion inference for a pixel-level CRF model with unary, contrast-dependent pairwise, and custom higher-order terms
oCdrwnPropertiesProvides an abstract interface for dynamic properties
oCdrwnQPSolverQuadratic program solver
oCdrwnSegImageInstanceEncapsulates a single instance of an image for multi-class pixel labeling problems (i.e., image segmentation)
oCdrwnSmartPointer< T >Implements a shared pointer interface to avoid the need to deep copy constant (shared) objects
oCdrwnSmartPointer< drwnVarUniverse >
oCdrwnSmartPointerCmpLessThan< T >Comparison operator for objects held in a drwnSmartPointer
oCdrwnSparseLPSolverSolves linear programs with sparse equality constraints
oCdrwnSparseVec< T >Quick-and-dirty sparse vector class as a plugin replacement for std::vector
oCdrwnTableFactorMappingCreates a mapping between entries in two tables
oCdrwnTableFactorStorageShared memory for table factors
oCdrwnTemplateMatcherUtility class for computing multiple template matches
oCdrwnTextonFilterBankImplements a 17-dimensional filter bank
oCdrwnThreadJobInterface for a thread job functor
oCdrwnThreadPoolImplements a pool of threads for running concurrent jobs
oCdrwnTriplet< T, U, V >Basic datatype for holding three objects of arbitrary type. Similar to the STL pair<> class
oCdrwnTypeableInterface for an object that returns its own type as a string
oCdrwnWeightedPixelEdgeWeighted undirected arc between pixels in an image
oCdrwnSparseVec< T >::iterator
oCdrwnTableFactorMapping::iteratorIterator for indexing entries in the tables
oCdrwnXMLUtils::load_node< T >Helper class for loading xml nodes into containers of objects
oCdrwnXMLUtils::load_node< T * >Helper class for (creating and) loading xml nodes into containers of pointers to objects
oCdrwnSparseVec< T >::reference
oCdrwnXMLUtils::save_node< T >Helper class for saving objects to xml nodes
oCdrwnXMLUtils::save_node< T * >Helper class for saving pointers to objects to xml nodes