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The digital photo-montage application provides a demonstration of composing multiple photographs into a single photograph by seemlessly stitching regions from the different images. See (Agarwala, A., et al., SIGGRAPH 2004).

The application requires a webcam to be installed. When started the application displays two windows. The first shows up to four photos that will be merged (see screenshot below); the second shows the current webcam view. Press '1' to '4' to capture an image and store it in one of the photo panes. Once you are satisfied with the four photos press 'esc' or 'enter' to continue.


After the images have been captures you can mark regions that you want in the montage using the mouse (hold down the left mouse button and draw). Press 'c' to clear the current selections. Pressing 'enter' at any time will create a montage. You can save the montage by pressing 's'. Pressing 'esc' or 'q' will quit the demonstration.

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