Darwin  1.10(beta)
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drwnFileUtils.h File Reference

File and directory processing utilities. More...

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vector< string > drwnDirectoryListing (const char *directory, const char *extension=NULL, bool bIncludeDir=true, bool bIncludeExt=true)
 returns a sorted list of filenames in directory filtered by extension
vector< string > drwnDirectoryListing (const char *directory, const set< const char * > &extensions, bool bIncludeDir=true)
 returns a sorted list of filenames in directory with extensions matching one of extensions
string drwnGetCurrentDir ()
 returns the current directory path
bool drwnChangeCurrentDir (const char *directoryPath)
 changes the current directory (returns true if successful)
bool drwnCreateDirectory (const char *directoryPath)
 creates a new directory path
bool drwnRemoveDirectory (const char *directoryPath)
 removes a directory and its contents
bool drwnRemoveFile (const char *filename)
 removes a file
bool drwnIsAbsolutePath (const char *path)
 returns true if the directory path is absolute (starts from root)
bool drwnIsRelativePath (const char *path)
 returns true if the directory path is relative to the current directory
int drwnCountFields (ifstream *ifs, char delimiter= ' ', bool bSkipRepeated=true)
 counts the number of fields per line (separated by a single character delimiter)
vector< string > drwnReadFile (const char *filename)
 read strings (separated by whitespace) from a file
vector< string > drwnReadLines (const char *filename)
 read complete lines from a file
string drwnReadAll (const char *filename)
 read complete file into a single string
int drwnCountLines (const char *filename)
 counts the number of non-empty lines in a text file
bool drwnPathExists (const char *pathname)
 checks if a path (directory or file) exists
bool drwnFileExists (const char *filename)
 checks if a file exists
bool drwnDirExists (const char *dirname)
 checks if a directory exists
unsigned int drwnFileSize (const char *filename)
 returns the size of a file in bytes
bool drwnFileResize (const char *filename, unsigned int size)
 resizes a file to size bytes
int drwnDirSize (const char *dirname)
 returns the number of files and subdirectories in directory (excluding . and ..)

Detailed Description

File and directory processing utilities.