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drwnThreadJob Class Referenceabstract

Interface for a thread job functor. More...

Inheritance diagram for drwnThreadJob:
drwnDecisionTreeThread drwnGaussianMixtureThread drwnNNGraphAppendImageJob drwnNNGraphDataMatrixThread drwnNNGraphMoveUpdateThread< DistanceMetric > drwnNNGraphProjectFeaturesThread drwnNNGraphSparseSubGradientThread drwnNNGraphSubGradientThread drwnNNGraphThreadedMoves::drwnNNGraphThreadedExhaustiveJob< DistanceMetric > drwnNNGraphThreadedMoves::drwnNNGraphThreadedInitializeJob< DistanceMetric > drwnNNGraphThreadedMoves::drwnNNGraphThreadedRescoreJob< DistanceMetric > drwnNNGraphThreadedMoves::drwnNNGraphThreadedUpdateJob< DistanceMetric > drwnPatchMatchThreadedInitialize drwnPatchMatchThreadedUpdate GridSearchJob InferenceThread labelTransferJob loadDataJob loadDataJob

Public Member Functions

virtual void operator() ()=0
 thread functor called by drwnThreadPool with the appropriate threadId

Protected Member Functions

unsigned threadId ()
 obtain the id for the thread running (or that ran) this job. The return value is guaranteed to be between 0 and numThreads. Useful for accessing a global resource without colliding with other jobs.
void lock ()
 acquire a lock (on all jobs in the same thread pool)
void unlock ()
 release the lock (on all jobs in the same thread pool)


class drwnThreadPool

Detailed Description

Interface for a thread job functor.

See Also
Thread Pool

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