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drwnTextonFilterBank Class Reference

Implements a 17-dimensional filter bank. More...

Public Member Functions

 drwnTextonFilterBank (double k=1.0)
 construct a filterbank with bandwidth k
void filter (const cv::Mat &img, std::vector< cv::Mat > &response) const
 Filtering function. The caller must provide a vector of CV32F destination matrices. The source image should be a 3-channel RGB color image (it is automatically converted to CIELab).

Static Public Attributes

static const int NUM_FILTERS = 17
 number of filters in the filterbank

Protected Attributes

double _kappa
 base filter bandwidth

Detailed Description

Implements a 17-dimensional filter bank.

The filter bank is defined in:

The features produced by this filterbank are used in multi-class image segmentation (see Multi-class Image Segmentation).

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