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drwnStdObjIface Class Reference

standard Darwin object interface (cloneable and writeable) More...

Inheritance diagram for drwnStdObjIface:
drwnWriteable drwnCloneable drwnTypeable drwnClassifier drwnColourHistogram drwnConditionalGaussian drwnCondSuffStats drwnDeformationCost drwnFactor drwnFactorGraph drwnFeatureTransform drwnGaussian drwnGaussianMixture drwnPart drwnPartsModel drwnPixelNeighbourContrasts drwnRegression drwnSuffStats drwnVarUniverse

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from drwnWriteable
bool write (const char *filename) const
 write object to file (calls save)
bool read (const char *filename)
 read object from file (calls load)
virtual bool save (drwnXMLNode &xml) const =0
 write object to XML node (see also write)
virtual bool load (drwnXMLNode &xml)=0
 read object from XML node (see also read)
void dump () const
 print object's current state to standard output (for debugging)
- Public Member Functions inherited from drwnTypeable
virtual const char * type () const =0
 returns object type as a string (e.g., Foo::type() { return "Foo"; })
- Public Member Functions inherited from drwnCloneable
virtual drwnCloneableclone () const =0
 returns a copy of the class usually implemented as virtual Foo* clone() { return new Foo(*this); }

Detailed Description

standard Darwin object interface (cloneable and writeable)

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