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drwnPersistentStorage Class Reference

Provides indexed storage for multiple records using two files (a binary data file and a text index file). More...

Public Member Functions

 drwnPersistentStorage (bool bCompressed=false)
 drwnPersistentStorage (const drwnPersistentStorage &storage)
bool open (const char *indexFile, const char *dataFile)
 open persistent storage index and data files
bool open (const char *fileStem)
 open persistent storage using default extension for index and data files
bool reopen ()
 re-open previously opened persistent storage files
bool close ()
 close (and write) persistent storage files
bool isOpen () const
 returns true if the persistent storage has been opened and not closed
bool canReopen () const
 returns true if the persistent storage object has valid filenames but is currently closed
int numRecords () const
 number of drwnPersistentRecord records stored on disk
size_t numTotalBytes () const
 total number of bytes on disk used by the data file
size_t numUsedBytes () const
 number of bytes on disk actually needed by the data file
size_t numFreeBytes () const
 number of free bytes (due to fragmentation) in data file
bool hasKey (const char *key) const
 returns true if a record with given key exists in the persistent storage
set< string > getKeys () const
 returns all keys stored in the persistent storage object
bool erase (const char *key)
 erases the record with given key
bool read (const char *key, drwnPersistentRecord *record)
 reads the record with given key
bool write (const char *key, const drwnPersistentRecord *record)
 writes the record with given key
size_t bytes (const char *key) const
 number of bytes on disk used for record with given key
bool clear ()
 clears all records from the persistent storage object (takes affect when closed)
bool defragment ()
 defragments data file

Static Public Attributes

static int MAX_OPEN = 16
 max. number of open files
static string DEFAULT_INDEX_EXT = string(".index")
 default extension for index files
static string DEFAULT_DATA_EXT = string(".data")
 default extension for data files

Protected Member Functions

void suspend ()
 self-suspend (close)
void resume ()
 reopen if suspended
bool atomic_reopen (bool locked)
 perform an atomic reopen operation
bool atomic_close (bool locked)
 perform an atomic close operation
void atomic_suspend (bool locked)
 perform an atomic suspend operation

Protected Attributes

string _indexFilename
 name of index file
string _dataFilename
 name of data file
map< string, drwnPersistentBlock_recordMapping
 key, start, length
list< drwnPersistentBlock_freeSpace
 start, length
bool _bCompressed
 data in storage is compressed
fstream * _fsdata
 data file stream (if open)
bool _bSuspended
 self-suspended vs. closed (will reopen on any operation)
bool _bDirty
 data has been written to the storage since opened

Static Protected Attributes

static list
< drwnPersistentStorage * > 
 list of open storage

Detailed Description

Provides indexed storage for multiple records using two files (a binary data file and a text index file).

The class maintains an open stream to the data file. The index file is written on closing. A closed storage object can be reopened without having to re-parse the index file. The class also manages the maximum number of actively open storage objects. If more storage objects are opened, the oldest ones will be suspended (temporarily closes). Any operation to the storage object will automatically re-open (resume) the storage (possibly suspending other storage objects). To use this class, objects must implement the drwnPersistentRecord interface. Automatic compression of records can be set and is managed by through the drwnCompressionBuffer class.

The erase(), read() and write() methods are thread-safe allowing the same persistent storage object to be accessed from multiple threads.

See Also
Darwin Tutorial for an example.

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