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drwnPatchMatchImagePyramid Class Reference

Record of patch matches for mutliple levels each image. More...

Inheritance diagram for drwnPatchMatchImagePyramid:

Public Member Functions

 drwnPatchMatchImagePyramid ()
 default constructor
 drwnPatchMatchImagePyramid (const string &name, uint16_t width, uint16_t height)
 constructor an image record with a given name (and size)
 ~drwnPatchMatchImagePyramid ()
const string & name () const
 image name
uint16_t width () const
 image width
uint16_t height () const
 image height
size_t levels () const
 image pyramid levels
void clear ()
 clear all matches
size_t numBytesOnDisk () const
 number of bytes required to store object on disk or in a character stream (without compression)
bool write (ostream &os) const
 write the object to an output stream
bool read (istream &is)
 read the object from an input stream
cv::Point mapPixel (const cv::Point &p, int srcLevel, int dstLevel) const
 map a pixel from one pyramid level to another
bool samplePatchByScore (drwnPatchMatchNode &sample) const
 sample a patch (i.e., pyramid level and pixel position) in proportion to best scoring match for the patch
drwnPatchMatchImageRecordoperator[] (uint8_t indx)
 reference pyramid level indx
const drwnPatchMatchImageRecordoperator[] (uint8_t indx) const
 reference pyramid level indx

Public Attributes

bool bActive
 Include this image during update (initialize, propagate, local, search, and enrichment). If false the image can still be matched to but it's own matches are not updated.
int eqvClass
 Equivalence class for this image. If negative (which is the default) the image is considered to be in its own equivalence class. Images in the same equivalence class will not be matched when learning the PatchMatchGraph.

Static Public Attributes

static unsigned MAX_LEVELS = 8
 maximum level in the image pyramid
static unsigned MAX_SIZE = 1024
 maximum image size (if larger will be resized in first level)
static unsigned MIN_SIZE = 32
 minimum image size (if smaller than size at MAX_LEVELS)
static double PYR_SCALE = M_SQRT1_2
 pyramid downsampling rate

Protected Member Functions

void constructPyramidLevels ()
 constructs the image pyramid

Protected Attributes

string _name
 image identifier
uint16_t _width
 width of the image (may differ from first pyramid level)
uint16_t _height
 height of the image (may differ from first pyramid level)
vector< drwnPatchMatchImageRecord_levels
 pyramid levels holding image matches

Detailed Description

Record of patch matches for mutliple levels each image.

make cacheable so drwnPatchMatchGraph can handle thousands of images

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