Darwin  1.10(beta)
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drwnPatchMatchEdge Class Reference

Represents an edge in the drwnPatchMatchGraph. More...

Public Member Functions

 drwnPatchMatchEdge ()
 default constructor
 drwnPatchMatchEdge (float score, const drwnPatchMatchNode &node, const drwnPatchMatchTransform &patchXform)
size_t numBytesOnDisk () const
 number of bytes needed on disk
bool read (istream &is)
 read from a stream (deserialization)
bool write (ostream &os) const
 write to a stream (serialization)
bool operator< (const drwnPatchMatchEdge &e) const
 default comparison for sorting

Public Attributes

float matchScore
 score of this match
drwnPatchMatchNode targetNode
 index of image, pyramid level and location of patch
drwnPatchMatchTransform xform
 transformation applied to the patch
drwnPatchMatchStatus status
 status flag

Detailed Description

Represents an edge in the drwnPatchMatchGraph.

This class stores a reference to a target patch in another image. The source of the patch is implicit in how the edge is stored in drwnPatchMatchGraph.

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