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drwnObject Member List

This is the complete list of members for drwnObject, including all inherited members.

area() const drwnObjectinline
areaOverlap(const cv::Rect &roi) const drwnObjectinline
areaOverlap(const drwnObject &obj) const drwnObjectinline
aspect() const drwnObjectinline
drwnObject(const cv::Rect &ext, const char *n=NULL)drwnObject
drwnObject(const drwnObject &obj)drwnObject
hit(double x, double y) const drwnObject
hit(const cv::Point &pt) const drwnObjectinline
inside(const drwnObject &obj) const drwnObjectinline
load(drwnXMLNode &xml)drwnObject
operator!=(const drwnObject &obj) const (defined in drwnObject)drwnObjectinline
operator<(const drwnObject &obj) const (defined in drwnObject)drwnObject
operator=(const drwnObject &obj) (defined in drwnObject)drwnObject
operator==(const drwnObject &obj) const (defined in drwnObject)drwnObject
operator>(const drwnObject &obj) const (defined in drwnObject)drwnObject
overlap(const cv::Rect &roi) const drwnObject
overlap(const drwnObject &obj) const drwnObjectinline
save(drwnXMLNode &xml) const drwnObject
scale(double x_scale, double y_scale)drwnObjectinline
scale(double sc)drwnObjectinline
~drwnObject() (defined in drwnObject)drwnObject