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drwnNNGraphNode Class Reference

Encapsulates a superpixel node in a drwnNNGraph. More...

Inheritance diagram for drwnNNGraphNode:

Public Member Functions

 drwnNNGraphNode ()
 default constructor
 drwnNNGraphNode (const VectorXf &x, int32_t y=-1)
void clear ()
 clear features, label, edges and spatial neighbours
bool insert (const drwnNNGraphEdge &e)
 update node with a potential edge (removing previous worst edge)
size_t numBytesOnDisk () const
 number of bytes needed on disk
bool read (istream &is)
 read from a stream (deserialization)
bool write (ostream &os) const
 write to a stream (serialization)

Public Attributes

VectorXf features
 features for this node
int32_t label
 label for this node
drwnNNGraphEdgeList edges
 sorted outgoing edges (match neighbours)
set< uint16_t > spatialNeighbours
 set of spatial neighbours (for search)

Detailed Description

Encapsulates a superpixel node in a drwnNNGraph.

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