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drwnNNGraphMLearner Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for drwnNNGraphMLearner:

Public Member Functions

 drwnNNGraphMLearner (const drwnNNGraph &graph, double lambda)
void setTransform (const MatrixXd &Lt)
MatrixXd getTransform () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from drwnNNGraphLearner
 drwnNNGraphLearner (const drwnNNGraph &graph, double lambda)
virtual double learn (unsigned maxCycles)
const drwnNNGraphgetSrcGraph () const
const drwnNNGraphgetPosGraph () const
const drwnNNGraphgetNegGraph () const
void clearLabelWeights ()
void setLabelWeights (const vector< double > &w)
const vector< double > & getLabelWeights () const

Protected Member Functions

MatrixXd computeSubGradient ()
void subGradientStep (const MatrixXd &G, double alpha)
void startMetricCycle ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from drwnNNGraphLearner
virtual double computeObjective () const
virtual double computeLossFunction () const
virtual void endMetricCycle ()
void updateGraphFeatures ()
void nearestNeighbourUpdate (unsigned nCycle, unsigned maxIterations)
MatrixXd initializeTransform () const
 initialize transform as feature whitener (diagonal Mahalanobis)

Protected Attributes

MatrixXd _M
MatrixXd _G
< drwnNNGraphLearnViolatedConstraints > 
- Protected Attributes inherited from drwnNNGraphLearner
const drwnNNGraph_graph
double _lambda
vector< double > _labelWeights
drwnNNGraph _posGraph
drwnNNGraph _negGraph
unsigned _dim
 feature vector dimensions
MatrixXd _X
 cached (x_u - x_v) (x_u - x_v)^T

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from drwnNNGraphLearner
static double ALPHA_ZERO = 5.0e-6
static unsigned METRIC_ITERATIONS = 500
static unsigned SEARCH_ITERATIONS = 20

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