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drwnMatrixEditor Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for drwnMatrixEditor:

Public Member Functions

 drwnMatrixEditor (wxWindow *parent, const Eigen::MatrixXd *m, bool bFixed=true)
 drwnMatrixEditor (wxWindow *parent, const Eigen::VectorXd *v, bool bFixed=true)
int getRows () const
int getCols () const
Eigen::VectorXd getRow (int r=0) const
Eigen::VectorXd getCol (int c=0) const
Eigen::MatrixXd getMatrix () const
void onBtnOkay (wxCommandEvent &event)
void onSpinCtrl (wxSpinEvent &event)
void onChangeMode (wxCommandEvent &event)

Protected Attributes

bool _fixedRows
bool _fixedCols
wxGrid * _grid
wxTextCtrl * _text

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