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drwnGaussian Member List

This is the complete list of members for drwnGaussian, including all inherited members.

AUTO_RIDGE (defined in drwnGaussian)drwnGaussianstatic
clone() const drwnGaussianinlinevirtual
conditionOn(const vector< int > &indx) const drwnGaussian
covariance() const drwnGaussianinline
dimension() const drwnGaussianinline
drwnGaussian(int n=1)drwnGaussian
drwnGaussian(const VectorXd &mu, double sigma2)drwnGaussian
drwnGaussian(const VectorXd &mu, const MatrixXd &sigma2)drwnGaussian
drwnGaussian(const vector< double > &mu, double sigma2)drwnGaussian
drwnGaussian(const drwnSuffStats &stats)drwnGaussian
drwnGaussian(const drwnGaussian &model)drwnGaussian
dump() const drwnWriteable
evaluate(const MatrixXd &x, VectorXd &p) const drwnGaussian
evaluate(const vector< vector< double > > &x, vector< double > &p) const drwnGaussian
evaluateSingle(const VectorXd &x) const drwnGaussian
evaluateSingle(const vector< double > &x) const drwnGaussian
evaluateSingle(double x) const drwnGaussian
freeCachedParameters() (defined in drwnGaussian)drwnGaussianprotected
guaranteeInvSigma() const (defined in drwnGaussian)drwnGaussianinlineprotected
initialize(int n)drwnGaussian
initialize(const VectorXd &mu, double sigma2)drwnGaussian
initialize(const VectorXd &mu, const MatrixXd &sigma2)drwnGaussian
klDivergence(const drwnGaussian &model) const drwnGaussian
klDivergence(const drwnSuffStats &stats) const drwnGaussian
load(drwnXMLNode &xml)drwnGaussianvirtual
logPartitionFunction() const drwnGaussian
marginalize(const vector< int > &indx) const drwnGaussian
mean() const drwnGaussianinline
operator=(const drwnGaussian &model)drwnGaussian
read(const char *filename)drwnWriteable
reduce(const vector< double > &x, const vector< int > &indx) const drwnGaussian
reduce(const map< int, double > &x) const drwnGaussian
sample(VectorXd &x) const drwnGaussian
sample(vector< double > &x) const drwnGaussian
save(drwnXMLNode &xml) const drwnGaussianvirtual
train(const MatrixXd &x, double lambda=0.0)drwnGaussian
train(const vector< vector< double > > &x, double lambda=0.0)drwnGaussian
train(const vector< double > &x, double lambda=0.0)drwnGaussian
train(const drwnSuffStats &stats, double lambda=0.0)drwnGaussian
type() const drwnGaussianinlinevirtual
updateCachedParameters() (defined in drwnGaussian)drwnGaussianprotected
write(const char *filename) const drwnWriteable
~drwnCloneable() (defined in drwnCloneable)drwnCloneableinlinevirtual
~drwnGaussian() (defined in drwnGaussian)drwnGaussian
~drwnStdObjIface() (defined in drwnStdObjIface)drwnStdObjIfaceinlinevirtual
~drwnTypeable() (defined in drwnTypeable)drwnTypeableinlinevirtual
~drwnWriteable() (defined in drwnWriteable)drwnWriteableinlinevirtual