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drwnFactorGraph Class Reference

Container and utility functions for factor graphs. More...

Inheritance diagram for drwnFactorGraph:
drwnStdObjIface drwnWriteable drwnCloneable drwnTypeable

Public Member Functions

 drwnFactorGraph ()
 construct an empty factor graph
 drwnFactorGraph (const drwnVarUniversePtr &u)
 construct a factor graph based on variables in universe u
 drwnFactorGraph (const drwnFactorGraph &g)
 copy constructor
virtual const char * type () const
 returns object type as a string (e.g., Foo::type() { return "Foo"; })
virtual drwnFactorGraphclone () const
 returns a copy of the class usually implemented as virtual Foo* clone() { return new Foo(*this); }
const drwnVarUniversePtrgetUniverse () const
 return the universe of variables for this factor graph
int numVariables () const
 returns the number of variables in the universe
int numFactors () const
 returns the number of factors in the graph
int numEdges () const
 returns the number of (hyper-)edges in the graph
void addFactor (drwnTableFactor *psi)
 add a factor to the graph and takes ownership
void copyFactor (const drwnTableFactor *psi)
 add a factor to the graph by copying
const drwnTableFactorgetFactor (int indx) const
 returns the factor at index indx
void deleteFactor (int indx)
 delete a factor from the graph
int findFactor (const drwnClique &clique, bool bAllowSuperset=false) const
 returns the index of a factor defined over the clique (or a superset of it)
drwnClique getClique (int indx) const
 returns the clique for the factor at index indx
drwnEdge getEdge (int eindx) const
 returns the indices for the factors adjacent to edge eindx
drwnClique getSepSet (int eindx) const
 returns the set of separator variables for edge eindx
double getEnergy (const drwnFullAssignment &x) const
 compute energy for a given assignment
bool addEdge (const drwnEdge &e)
 add an edge to the graph (and compute separator set)
bool connectGraph (const set< drwnEdge > &edges)
 connect graph with given set of edges
virtual bool connectGraph ()
 connect graph using max-spanning tree for each variable
bool connectBetheApprox ()
 connect graph using the bethe-approximation
bool save (drwnXMLNode &xml) const
 write object to XML node (see also write)
bool load (drwnXMLNode &xml)
 read object from XML node (see also read)
drwnTableFactoroperator[] (unsigned indx)
const drwnTableFactoroperator[] (unsigned indx) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from drwnWriteable
bool write (const char *filename) const
 write object to file (calls save)
bool read (const char *filename)
 read object from file (calls load)
void dump () const
 print object's current state to standard output (for debugging)

Static Public Member Functions

static drwnClique getSepSet (const drwnFactor &psiA, const drwnFactor &psiB)
 returns the set of separator variables between factors psiA and psiB

Protected Types

typedef drwnTriplet< int, int,

Protected Member Functions

void computeSeparatorSets ()
 computes the sep-sets for each edge in _edges

Protected Attributes

drwnVarUniversePtr _pUniverse
 all variables in the universe
vector< drwnTableFactor * > _factors
 list of factors in the model
vector< _drwnFactorEdge_edges
 list of edges and sep-sets

Detailed Description

Container and utility functions for factor graphs.

template on a particular factor type (could be all table factors, for example, or generic drwnFactors)

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