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drwnFactorBinaryOp Class Reference

Base class for implementing binary factor operations. More...

Inheritance diagram for drwnFactorBinaryOp:
drwnFactorOperation drwnFactorDivideOp drwnFactorSubtractOp drwnFactorWeightedSumOp

Public Member Functions

 drwnFactorBinaryOp (drwnTableFactor *target, const drwnTableFactor *A, const drwnTableFactor *B)
 drwnFactorBinaryOp (const drwnFactorBinaryOp &op)
- Public Member Functions inherited from drwnFactorOperation
 drwnFactorOperation (drwnTableFactor *target)
 drwnFactorOperation (const drwnFactorOperation &op)
virtual void execute ()=0
 peform the factor operation on the target
drwnTableFactortarget () const
 return a pointer to the target factor

Protected Member Functions

void initialize ()
 initialize mappings and target factor (with right set of variables, unless given, e.g. for marginalization)
bool checkTarget ()
 check that the target is not empty and has the right set of variables for this operation

Protected Attributes

const drwnTableFactor *const _operandA
const drwnTableFactor *const _operandB
drwnTableFactorMapping _mappingA
drwnTableFactorMapping _mappingB
- Protected Attributes inherited from drwnFactorOperation

Detailed Description

Base class for implementing binary factor operations.

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