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drwnConfigurationManager Class Reference

Configuration manager. More...

Public Member Functions

void configure (const char *filename)
 configure all registered modules from XML file
void configure (drwnXMLNode &root)
 configure all registered modules from XML node
void configure (const char *module, const char *name, const char *value)
 set a parameter in a specific module
void showModuleUsage (const char *module) const
 show usage for a specific module
void showRegistry (bool bIncludeUsage=true) const
 show all registered modules and their usage

Static Public Member Functions

static drwnConfigurationManagerget ()
 get the configuration manager (singleton object)

Protected Member Functions

void registerModule (drwnConfigurableModule *m)
 register a module with the configuration manager
void unregisterModule (drwnConfigurableModule *m)
 unregister a module from the configuration manager


class drwnConfigurableModule

Detailed Description

Configuration manager.

Handles configuration of static members in Darwin libraries and applications from XML configuration files or command line arguments. Also allows projects to register their own configuration code.

See Also
Configuration Manager

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