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drwnConfigurableModule Class Referenceabstract

Interface for a configurable module. More...

Inheritance diagram for drwnConfigurableModule:
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Public Member Functions

 drwnConfigurableModule (const char *module)
 create a configurable module and register it with the configuration manager
virtual ~drwnConfigurableModule ()
 destroy the configurable module and unregister it from the configuration manager
const string & name () const
 return the name of the module
virtual void usage (ostream &os) const
 display configuration usage
void readConfiguration (const char *filename)
 read configuration from an XML file
virtual void readConfiguration (drwnXMLNode &node)
 read configuration from an XML node
virtual void setConfiguration (const char *name, const char *value)=0
 set individual configurable parameter

Detailed Description

Interface for a configurable module.

Client code should inherit from drwnConfigurableModule and override the usage and setConfiguration member functions.

See Also
Configuration Manager

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