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MainCanvas Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for MainCanvas:

Public Member Functions

 MainCanvas (wxWindow *parent, wxWindowID id=wxID_ANY, const wxPoint &pos=wxDefaultPosition, const wxSize &size=wxDefaultSize, long style=wxDEFAULT_FRAME_STYLE|wxSUNKEN_BORDER|wxWANTS_CHARS, const wxString &name=wxPanelNameStr)
void on_erase_background (wxEraseEvent &event)
void on_paint (wxPaintEvent &event)
void on_size (wxSizeEvent &event)
void on_key (wxKeyEvent &event)
void on_mouse (wxMouseEvent &event)
void on_popup_menu (wxCommandEvent &event)
const bool & snapToGrid () const
bool & snapToGrid ()
void selectNodesInRegion (int x, int y, int w, int h)
void selectAllNodes ()
void deselectAllNodes ()

Protected Member Functions

void undoableAction ()
void updateImageBuffer ()
void updateStatusBar ()
int findNodeAtLocation (int x, int y) const
void updatePortSubMenu (const drwnNode *node)

Protected Attributes

string _filename
drwnGraph * _graph
drwnNode * _activeNode
drwnDataPort * _activePort
set< drwnNode * > _selectedNodes
bool _bSnapToGrid
TMouseMode _mouseMode
wxPoint _mousePoint
wxPoint _lastMousePoint
wxPoint _buttonDownPoint
wxMenu * _nodePopupMenu
wxMenuItem * _portSubMenuItem
wxMenu * _connectPopupMenu
wxMenu * _newNodePopupMenu

Static Protected Attributes

static int _creationCount = 0


class MainWindow

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